"Just often enough, some unknown writer darts from the forest of little magazines to publish a novel that blows away the gathering shades of cultural despair...brilliant social satire...I moved through with a slowly accruing sense of awe as these characters grew simultaneously more outrageous and more sympathetic."

“…wonderfully precise and subtle—not to mention unexpectedly moving…Sophie McManus, young as she is, is a truly dexterous writer, one who eyes the insular world she has chosen to crack open for us with as much wisdom as wit. In the process, she has succeeded in giving the rich their multifaceted due, earning for them a modicum of compassion. One wonders where her formidable gift for social satire will take her next.”
— Daphne Merkin, THE NEW YORKER

“The real surprise, though, is CeCe, who emerges as sharp, wise — and eventually, even truly generous. She’s the one who gives the novel its remarkable maturity and heft.”
— Britt Peterson, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"[In] McManus's extravaganza of a novel...there are truths that should not be ignored, about privilege, and desire, and how to live a life that yields something other than regret. And there's also a hugely enjoyable story, delivered by a startling new talent."
— Marissa Stapley, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

"A powerful read...The Unfortunates is the opposite of un-put-downable; it's easy to steep yourself, take a break, and then get sucked back in, like a Somner in the thrall of his own legacy."
— Claire Howorth, TIME MAGAZINE

"If one were to pin the genesis of great debut novels on any given beast, there would be no better creature than Love. For Sophie McManus’ debut, she does not simply ride this beast and tame it; instead, The Unfortunates recognizes the beast in all of its facets and presents them all."
— B. David Zarley, PASTE MAGAZINE

"Ms. McManus is a talented, intelligent writer, and the story is as well-paced as a good thriller."